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Pro Football Focus rates the Baltimore Ravens as the best team in the NFL

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Ravens are 3-0. They are on their way to proving that last season was a complete fluke. And they are getting recognition for their early efforts.

Pro Football Focus rated the Ravens as the best team in the NFL.

The Ravens offense has been poor this season, but the defense and special teams have balled out. The defense has allowed the second least total yards in the NFL. And only three teams have allowed fewer points than the Ravens 44. The Eagles, Seahawks, and Vikings, in order ,are the only three teams with better scoring defenses.

The special teams unit has been spectacular as well. "The Wolfpack" has continued to be elite, and the kick blockers have been record setting.

The Ravens are well deserving of the rating of number one in the NFL. If the offense, notably the running game, can get their act together, don’t expect the Ravens to fall off the top anytime soon.