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Justin Forsett & Steve Smith Sr. with hilarious profile pictures

Justin Forsett has taken the pun in stride over his annointed nickname ‘The Sheriff’. While most have heard me use the term “J-Force”, this comedic nickname is brilliant. We all know Peyton Manning is undoubtedly ‘The Sheriff’, but Justin is deserving of the brand as well.

It’s absolute gold.

Another Twitter profile picture is worth laughing about as well. To those that missed it, Jalen Ramsey, the Jaguars rookie CB took to the postgame locker room to talk badly of the Ravens receiver. In fact, there are three videos of him talking trash. Steve Smith Sr. fired back at the youngster. But the best part may be the image change on Smith Sr.’s Twitter profile.

Though this is the closest I’ve come to TMZ writing since Laremy Tunsil on draft night, this stuff is absolutely funny enough to share. It surprises me this kid goes after Steve of all players in the NFL. We all know he’s a nightmare football matchup, and an even scarier trashtalker. This man coined the term, ‘Ice Up Son’.