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Five Questions with Big Cat Country

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Was able to speak with Ryan Day of Big Cat Country, and we shared our five questions and answers!

1. The Jaguars are sitting 0-2, what's the problem?

The problem is Gus Bradley, plain and simple. Being 0-2 at this point isn't crazy. Losing how we did, especially in such embarrassing fashion to the San Diego Chargers last week, is. It shows a total lack of preparation, understanding, and creativity on the part of this coaching staff. Two losses so far isn't unexpected. Looking like a franchise team does.

2. We all know the offensive capabilities of Jacksonville, but what should be known about the defense?

The thing you should know about this defense is... there's not much to know. Other than the interior defensive linemen who are probably our most consistent unit (although they weren't very good last week) every group is up and down. Todd Wash is a problematic play-caller and schemer, the secondary is shuffling guys in and out because of injury, Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue are a little subpar at edge, but that's to be expected as they're both rookies, and Telvin Smith is probably playing like our best player. When you have Telvin Smith as your best player, you're doing something wrong.

3. Jalen Ramsey was picked by the Jags one selection ahead of the Ravens in the 2016 draft, how has he developed?

He looks like he'll be a very, very good cornerback for the future of this team. He's incredibly athletic, fast, and he plays with a chip on his shoulder despite being a top-five pick in the draft. He shut down the slot receiver Randall Cobb in Week 1, but gave up a number of plays last week against the Chargers. I could see him doing well in Week 3.

4. Building off question three, the Jaguars have Myles Jack, Dante Fowler Jr. and Jalen Ramsey. Is there a big rookie movement on the rise?

Yes? Hopefully? Maybe? Jalen is the only rookie where I'm confident saying he'll be a star in the NFL. Fowler, despite two sacks last week, is still learning how to be a backup LEO. And Myles Jack isn't getting playing time because this coaching staff is dumb, so who really knows how good he is?

5. What two players, one offense one defense, will be the threats to take over this game Sunday?

I'll say Chris Ivory and Jalen Ramsey. I want Ivory to give this Jaguars run game some momentum and he's coming back this week so if anyone can do it, he's the guy. As far as Jalen, I don't know if it would be considered "taking over the game" but I think he has a game closer to Week 1 where he erased Cobb as opposed to Week 2 where he got picked on a few times.