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Ravens vs. Jaguars: 8 Winners & 8 Losers

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Yet again, the Ravens win another close contest. It’s been pure chaos, but the Ravens are 3-0.


Devin Hester - The best return man in NFL history and he coughs up a muffed punt. The Ravens signed him specifically to not do exactly what happened today.

Marshal Yanda - Four penalties in three games. Last season Yanda accrued only four penalties the entire season.

Ronnie Stanley - I preached from the beginning, this kid will have growing pains. Nobody dare to flame him in comments, because being a starting LT as a rookie is nuts. He struggled today, but thankfully didn’t affect the W/L column.

Jeremy Zuttah - Yet another match with struggles, as we watched him turnstile against Malik Jackson.

(seeing pattern here?)

Shareece Wright - Covering Allen Robinson near the goal line is a job that few can accomplish, but two TD’s isn’t pretty. Wright played below average, and hence he lands here.

Justin Forsett & Terrance West - The O-line clearly has no capability of push, and therefore these tailbacks are getting hit at or before the line-of-scrimmage.

Special Teams coverage - The Ravens ST unit had 3 penalties, and a blown coverage punt return. No doubt this squad needs to tighten up or they may not get lucky again.


Brent Urban - A cyborg player standing 6’7” and 300 pounds with a robotic braced arm managed to yet again block another kick which directly impacted the outcome of the game.

C.J. Mosley - Half-man Half-amazing playing another sound football game. His second pick in two games, reminding folks he needs another pro-bowl nod.

Timmy Jernigan - Possibly the biggest player today, swatting two passes with one equaling an interception. Also a sack helping the Ravens with field position. Jernigan is a new animal this season, and it’s obvious his offseason workouts and Joe Cullen’s coaching is proving to be the difference.

Terrell Suggs - Two big sacks, with one forcing the Jaguars into terrible position kept the Ravens in this game. It took a long while, but Sizzle is helping to win games. Imagine when Doom is back. . .

Zachary Orr - The Ravens linebackers are putting teams in their place. The last few games they’ve helped to stuff the run and also make plays in coverage.

Eric Weddle - Big solo tackles and a couple batted passes prove this safety was worth every penny. His leadership has been vital to the Ravens success.

Tavon Young - Helped early with a corner blitz, and finished with his first NFL interception. The young guns very helpful this season.

Joe Flacco - Broke a personal record for completions in a row with 21 straight. Only one away from tying the NFL for most in a single game!