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Baltimore Ravens to honor Clarence Brooks on the field

Baltimore Ravens Mini Camp Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens defensive line coach Clarence Brooks tragically passed away a week ago at this time due to his long battle with cancer at the age of 65. The Ravens were battling emotions when the news broke while going through preparations facing the the Cleveland Browns in week 2 as the organization lost a great friend.

The game against the Browns didn’t start off the way the Ravens or Brooks looking up above would have wanted, but the Ravens finished strong which is very inspiring and a result that Brooks would be proud of. Going forward for the 2016 season, the Ravens look to honor Brooks as the team will have a decal of “CB” on its helmets. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh reflected on Brooks this week.

“One of the finest coaches I have ever met, he changed the lives and influenced players and coaches for the better,” Harbaugh noted via “He was a great man, loving husband and devoted father. He was as tough and determined in adversity as you’ll ever see and as loyal a friend as there is.”

Quite a few people have passed on within the Ravens organization over the past few years and the Ravens never forget them and will continue to honor them. Brooks is no different and the impact he still has on the Ravens is a testament to the kind of person he was on this earth and his impact going forward with those who know him best will last a lifetime.