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What is going on with Ravens’ center Jeremy Zuttah?

Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens center Jeremy Zuttah has had a bit of a rough start to begin the 2016 season as well as quite a few other people along the Ravens offensive line.

Zuttah didn’t have a great game in week 1 against the Buffalo Bills as he notably snapped the ball too early for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco which caused a fumble. In week 2, he didn’t provide much of a push in the running game and or admirable pass protection either.

When Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was asked about Zuttah on Friday and why he wasn’t practicing in preparation for week 3 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Harbaugh said the following:

This situation is more than interesting. Is Zuttah’s absence performance based? Did he just decide not to practice? Either way, week 3 will be very telling regardless if Zuttah starts at center or not since Harbaugh said that Zuttah is fine.

This situation might be chalked up as nothing and maybe it is. But on the flip side, maybe we are seeing a situation where Zuttah’s job might be in jeopardy and if that is the case, either John Urschel or Ryan Jensen will likely get the starting role at center.