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Ravens reportedly worked out Devin Hester

After four preseason games the Baltimore Ravens are still without a kick return or punt return specialist. Apparently the return man isn’t so ‘in the system’ as Rosburg believed/hoped.

Yes, the Baltimore Ravens worked out Devin hester this morning, and it will be interesting to see what happens. Could Campanaro be done? Could this push Jeremy Butler off the roster?

Devin Hester owns the record for most return touchdowns in NFL history (20). The specialist has done so with fourteen punt returns, five kick returns, and one missed field goal.

Hester posted an Instagram video a week ago working out and demonstrating keen footwork.

Nothing too exciting as I believe most receivers on the roster can do this at the same pace, but this is Devin Hester, the return king, not just another receiver.

If Hester does sign, I expect Campanaro to be pushed from the roster. His value to the team was being a good receiver and return man. If Devin Hester is clearly a better return specialist it's hard to argue Campanaro's value.