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Referee’s help to decide outcome after Terrelle Pryor ‘taunting’ penalty

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Terrible officiating helped to decide today’s outcome. First, Coleman’s catch in the endzone clearly had his foot on the chalk, out-of-bounds. Today’s game was finalized with a ‘taunting’ penalty on Terrelle Pryor. Here is the play:

This is a personal foul, a 15 yard penalty and something if done twice results in an ejection. The NFL needs to put an end to this ‘taunting’ penalty frenzy.

The NFL is a professional league filled with the highest-caliber athlete’s in a full-contact sport, yet teasing is worth a personal foul and clearly changes the outcome of football games.

Another taunting penalty was called today, with Marcus Peters for wagging his finger after an incomplete pass. WAGGING HIS FINGER RESULTED IN A 15 YARD PERSONAL FOUL.

It’s clear the NFL doesn’t give a damn. They are a multi-billion dollar industry that don’t provide basic camera setups in the endzone for scoring reviews, yet throw a fit when somebody celebrates scoring or literally wags a finger. Keep in mind, they also recently admitted to missing SIXTEEN CALLS last week during the Jaguars - Packers game.