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Baltimore Ravens OLB Elvis Dumervil will be back in week 3?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As we know, Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil will not play in the Ravens week 2 matchup against the Cleveland Browns. However, Dumervil is looking to return in week 3 on the road against as the Ravens will face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Dumervil has yet to play in any game this season (including preseason) due to a foot injury and with outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith being a question mark entering week 2 with a ankle injury of his own, the Ravens pass rush might face some limitations against the Browns offensive line.

It is interesting to note that it has been over a year now since outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and Dumervil have started together on defense for the Ravens. It is possible that the Ravens defense could survive this week against Browns quarterback Josh McCown, but McCown did throw for over 450 yards in one game against the Ravens last season and that isn’t something that the Ravens have ignored all week.