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Questions for Ravens as it relates to Jets/Bills game

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Watching the New York Jets defeat the Buffalo Bills by the score of 37-31 on Thursday night, if you follow the Baltimore Ravens, you have to be asking yourself a couple of questions as the Ravens just defeated the Bills by the score of 13-7 in week 1.

Is Baltimore’s defense that good?

Baltimore’s defense might be just that good this year as the unit is currently ranked number one in the NFL in yards allowed, number one in pass defense and number two in points allowed. Yes, it is only one week, but Baltimore’s performance in week 1 on defense was more impressive than anything the unit put up last year and maybe in the last three years in general.

For Ravens fans who have followed the team for a long time, they are probably excited to possibly see an elite defense again. But there are a lot more games to be played before anyone can put the Ravens defense in the elite category.

Is Baltimore’s Offense that bad?

I don’t think the Ravens offense will be as bad as it showed in week 1 against the Bills as the season goes along. But at the same time, the Ravens offense better get its head out of its you know what. Enough is enough. If Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick can light up the Bills defense on the road on a short week, then Ravens offense has no excuse to struggle like it did after having all offseason to prepare for the Bills defense.

At least the Ravens got the win, but the Ravens offense needs to hold its own weight. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is the leader of the team and he better have that offense ready to play especially against the Cleveland Browns in week 2. I don’t want to hear any excuse about Flacco and his usual slow starts in the passing game and I’m sure Ravens fans don’t want to hear it either. The whole offensive unit better get it together.