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New Super Bowl odds show hints of respect for the Baltimore Ravens

Ravens Super Bowl odds creep higher following their narrow victory over the Bills.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a brutal 2015 season, it was not exactly shocking for the Ravens to be flying under the radar, particularly in a division which features two teams who are coming of back to back playoff appearances in the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. The AFC North has been a particularly tough division this decade, featuring two playoff teams in five of the past six seasons and even sending three teams to the playoffs twice over that span.

So while the Ravens opening odds following the injury plagued 2015 seemed a little low, it was to be expected. With key starters returning including franchise quarterback Joe Flacco, former DPOY Terrell Suggs, and team leader Steve Smith, not to mention veteran additions like Mike Wallace, Eric Weddle, and Jerraud Powers, the team looks to have bolstered their roster and put the lost season behind them. But the 30-to-1 odds to open the season seemed about right, placing them in the middle of the pack.

Following the teams opening victory over the Bills, the Ravens Super Bowl odds took a nice jump to 20-to-1. While not exactly placing them as Super Bowl favorites, these odds place the Ravens squarely in the playoff picture, with only eight teams now ahead them including the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers (10-to-1 odds) and the AFC Favorite New England Patriots (5-to-1). This places the Ravens clearly in the next tier, together with other teams thought to be in the AFC playoff mix like the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Are odds-makers making a mistake based on one solid game? Only time will tell. Ravens fans hope it bodes of good things to come, and previous trends would indicate that a bounce-back season is in the cards for a Ravens franchise that hasn't missed the playoffs in back to back years since their first lombardi trophy in 2000.