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Last season the Ravens lose game one

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Last year the Ravens lose against the Bills. Last year, they don’t get off the field on third down. Last year, they don’t make the extra catches, and they whiff the tackles.

But not this year. Not this game. The Ravens aren’t the same.

Multiple plays show the Ravens aren’t that team this season.

Lardarius Webb flying down to force pressure on the quarterback being a prime example. Last year he was strictly a coverage corner and not doing well. This season, he was both back deep covering the nine route and sprinting downfield to pressure Tyrod Taylor.

The secondary is revitalized. Eric Weddle punished tight ends and ballcarriers alike. Jimmy Smith limited a star wideout to only 43 yards on four catches.

The Ravens aren’t the team of last year. We all remember seeing the run D limit first and second down to five yards total. But on 3rd & 5, the Ravens couldn’t finish the deal. This year, the Ravens aren’t having it anymore. They’re sick of playing long series defensively. They’re done giving the opposition a fresh set of downs.

A trio of Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins went 3 for 13 on third down. That weapon set is capable of anything, on the ground or through the air, but Baltimore didn’t let up. If not for one fantastic escape by Tyrod the Ravens close the door on Buffalo completely.

Let us not forget the game MVP yesterday, Shareece Wright. Through four preseason games Wright looked bad. Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and Drew Brees all targeted him relentlessly. Yesterday though, he attacked. Shareece broke on the ball, and made tackles. He denied ballcarriers the chance to gain yards on his side of the field. He was the leading tackler of the game with 11 solo tackles, with three going for negative yards. Shareece produced every snap, and made the difference in a 13-7 contest. Last year Wright doesn’t make those plays.

It’s obvious last year was an anomaly. The Ravens don’t drop 11 games without a real reason. Apparently losing 17 players to IR meant something.