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Watch: Breshad Perriman catch, Mike Wallace TD and Dennis Pitta catch! GIF’s of the game

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

While the matchup yesterday was nowhere near an offensive shootout, the Ravens still produced many highlights, or plays to showoff.

Breshad Perriman makes his NFL debut catch:

Courtesy of u/Exnihilation of

Going through this play, at 0:00 you see a few things happening.

  1. Ronnie Stanley is already opening the pocket, fantastic footwork and speed
  2. Only press coverage on Breshad
  3. Flacco looking directly at the one-on-one matchup with Perriman & Gilmore

The play happens quick, and not many things can be brought to light, but you notice Flacco recognize the matchup, quickly look off the safety, and he lets it fly. What does that tell you?

Flacco already trusts Perriman to execute the jumpball against Gilmore, who is a sure NFL talent. That’s a pass Torrey Smith didn’t fight for, and Breshad hauls it in with strong hands outstretched. Pause the GIF at 20 seconds and notice he is fully extended. He’s clearly healthy if he can make that play in-game.

Mike Wallace proves he still has the speed

Courtesy of u/Exnihilation of

0:00 - All Bills are in the box ready to stuff the run attempt. The Ravens did initially call for the run, but Flacco checks into the pass play. Mismatch as the safety lines up six yards off the line from Mike Wallace, giving him a free release to hit top speed.

0:03 - The Bills show blitz, but it’s completely waived off as multiple defenders shuffle their feet before collapsing back into zone coverage. By the end, there is only a three-man rush, giving Flacco time to find Wallace.

0:05 - Flacco releases the ball, and the pocket is clear of any defender. Not much longer you see Wallace with a couple steps on the defender, finishing the play in the endzone.

0:40 - The full sky view of the formation, where you notice double coverage goes to Steve Smith Sr. on the inside. This frees up Wallace on the post route, giving him all of the middle of the field. (completely ignore the arrows drawn from the GIF, they’re wrong)

Dennis Pitta catches 27 yard bullet from Flacco

Courtesy of u/Exnihilation of

0:00 - Ten Bills shown on the screen, the deep safety back to the 38. Bills really pressuring the line, but all receivers getting a free release.

0:02 - Bills corner blitz and it’s man coverage. The deep safety (out of view) must cover Aiken and also watches Chris Moore on the outside. This also means Dennis Pitta is one-on-one with the linebacker.

0:26 - Bills ILB Zack Brown is in position, but doesn’t get his head around in time to stop the pass. Flacco rifles the pass and Pitta knew the timing, which proves the chemistry from 5 -> 88 is still obvious.