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Ravens vs. Bills Final: 3 winners and 3 losers

There are more winners than there are losers.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


Mike Wallace: He still has it folks. Wallace showed off his speed like it never left, toasting the Bills secondary for the game-deciding touchdown. His reaction after the score might have been the best part of the play itself. Wallace looks to be dialled in. He has said so in training camp and he is showing it now.

Dean Pees: The much maligned defensive co-ordinator started the season with a stellar performance. Despite not showing the dime looks he showed in the preseason, the gameplan was sound. Eric Weddle moved around between linebacker and robber positions and the well disguised blitzes came in fast and from every side. Tackling was sound and the overall speed much improved. A very encouraging performance with Shareece Wright and Eric Weddle as the standout performers.

Breshad Perriman: His first and only catch of the day was also the first catch of his career. And boy it did not disappoint. In one play, Perriman showed what he is going to bring to the offense. Pure speed, A giant catch radius and the ability to high point the ball and bring it down acrobatically. With Wallace on one side and Steve Smith in the slot, Perriman and the passing game as a whole should be expected to improve as the season goes on.


Offensive Line: The Ravens offense started the game fast but sputtered as it went on. The first quarter ended as it is know, the first quarter plays are usually scripted. Once the script went out of the window, the Offensive line saw itself collapse in multiple passing situations, notably in empty formations. Jeremy Zuttah was awful, with a botched snap and what seemed to be lazy effort to allow a third-down sack. It should be noted, however, that the Bills have the best pair of cornerbacks in the league. When the first option saw itself banketed - which was often - the Bills secondary was good enough to plaster. The rookie left side will only grow with experience but Zuttah's play could turn John Harbaugh's eyes towards John Urschel.

Jimmy Smith: Smith was by no means awful. The problem is he was no where near the shut-down corner his contract expects to be. Sammy Watkins is a terrific receiver and he without doubt was going to win his battles. Smith lost a lot more than he won. Watkins was getting wide open, with Smith being turned around multiple times. It wasn't all bad for Smith as his pass deflection was key to getting the game's decisive stop. He is another player who could grow into the season as he gets up to game speed.

Punt and kick return units: Devin Hester had no room to work. The opening kickoff was stuffed at the 15 yard line. The kickoff following the Bills' only score was brought back to the 20 yard line and in that short span Hester did show an extra gear. Harbaugh has gone on record blasting his special teams in the pre-season. Moves in the deep roster could be coming if the return teams do not improve significantly.