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Ravens vs. Bills Final: Post game report

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Unlike the past few seasons, the Baltimore Ravens have won their opening game! It’s time to celebrate, but first, let’s revisit game one.

First and foremost, Shareece Wright changed his jersey number and became Chris McAlister. His defense alone helped to secure a very low-scoring affair. Shareece made 11 solo tackles, and three for a loss. The next closest Raven was Zachary Orr with five tackles. Shareece is the #1 man of the day in my book.

Mike Wallace came out here and proved he was missing a good quarterback to become the #1 receiver once again. On three catches he buried 91 yards and a touchdown. The Bills defense wasn’t an easy one either, expect good things for the Ravens receiver.

The quarterback situation today was quite enjoyable, as Flacco delivered a cool 258 yards and no interceptions. He dropped that heavenly bomb to Mike Wallace in stride, and the longer the season goes on, the better the offensive line will become to help protect the big man.

The running game worked out well, with Justin Forsett and Terrance West both delivering when it counted. Justin Forsett making some key plays, specifically the toss counter in the fourth. The play immediately following was Terrance West bulldozing his way to the first down and the victory.

The Ravens secondary crushed the Bills. Sammy Watkins only caught four passes equaling 43 yards. Jimmy Smith followed him all over the field and Tyrod didn’t have a chance to sling it deep. Once again, Shareece Wright did everything in his power to ruin the Bills day. Eric Weddle and Lardarius Webb on the back end made plays. Eric Weddle forced a three & out and delivered multiple hits, while Lardarius Webb blitzed on many occasions to cause pressure on Tyrod Taylor. It’s tough to not hype up the team after only one game, but the secondary was the weakest link for the past three seasons. It’s hard not to freak out about the success.

The Ravens special teams needs cleaned up badly. Devin Hester means nothing when the blocking is absent. It’s quite strange, as Rosburg’s coaching is known for great success, yet through four preseason games and today the Ravens return unit cannot finish.

All Ravens fans know of the great strength the offensive line provides. Today, that was not found. Multiple false starts hurt the Ravens and Jeremy Zuttah with an ugly snap gave the Bills their only turnover. Juan Castillo and Coach Harbaugh need to get it figured out sooner rather than later.