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3 bold predictions for the Ravens season opener

Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

It's finally Week 1, and it is time for the games that count. Let's look at some bold predictions for the Ravens first game.

Dennis Pitta leads the team in receiving yards

The chemistry between Pitta and quarterback Joe Flacco is well documented. The Ravens announced this morning that Pitta would get the start at tight end today, coming off of his second major hip surgery. Flacco is chomping at the bit to get his favorite target back out on the field. Look for many passes to go to the tight end’s direction.

Sammy Watkins has a huge day

The Ravens secondary has not been great in 2016. And the unit hasn’t faced a wide receiver of Watkins’ caliber. His combination of speed and size could prove disastrous for the Ravens. Watkins is also able to gain more yards after the catch, and he could feast on a poor tackling secondary. Watkins will have at least 100 yards and one touchdown in this game.

It will be a shootout

I can't remember many times the Ravens have played in a shootout, but this will be a game where it happens. The Ravens offense has more playmakers than it has had in a long time, and the Ravens offense will go up against a very depleted Bills defense. The Ravens running game will have a huge day as the offensive line wins the battle in the trenches. This should set up play action for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to hit wide receivers in Mike Wallace and Breshad Perriman downfield.

As mentioned with Watkins, the Ravens will have a hard time stopping the Bills. Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor is a very mobile quarterback, and LeSean McCoy is one of the best running backs in the NFL. If the Bills offensive line finds a way to limit the Ravens pass rush, then the BIlls will have a huge day offensively as well. If you have either of the Bills or Ravens defense on your fantasy team, playing them is a bad idea.

Final score prediction: Ravens over Bills 34-30