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Watch: Breshad Perriman made a hype video for himself

Breshad Perriman

Today is the day Baltimore Ravens fans everywhere get the Breshad Perriman experience over a season in the making. With the news of his play coming out a few days ago we’ve all sat on our hands waiting for him to hit the field.

Breshad took this a step further, as he decided to make a hype video about his upcoming season.

Is the video a tad bit corny? Yes, but I sure do like a wide receive with character more than a ghost. More than anything it was nice of him to include the Baltimore Beatdown article, “Baltimore Ravens are not sure when WR Breshad Perriman will return

I checked the article to make sure we weren’t slamming him and the article does no such thing. It does however report what Harbaugh said, and how the Ravens weren’t sure when he would return.

All I got to say, Perriman let’s see that action. We all are rooting for you.