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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 8/9

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Today wasn’t an easy practice to judge; there weren’t any pads on, and a slow walk-thru built on special teams and basic drills left me with hardly anything for this. Thankfully there still occured winners and losers.

Bad day at practice:

  • Maxx Williams - After yesterday’s non-contact injury he also was not on the field for a walk-thru. Yesterday’s injury could be bad, or capable of him missing time. Meanwhile Daniel Brown returned.
  • James Hurst - As most know, he lost his backup left tackle spot on Saturday to rookie Alex Lewis. Hurst instead lines up at left guard, meaning he has to stand beside the player who took his gig.

Winners of practice:

  • Jeremy Butler - Another day with Chris Matthews absent results in a fade route back shoulder touchdown. He has connected a few times with Joe now, and this could possibly keep him in the roster for depth.
  • Daniel Brown - Fighting for a roster spot, and being used extensively in the special teams walk thru today equates to wanting him on the squad for a multitude of reasons. He’s willing to change positions, and do anything to be a Baltimore Raven.
  • Timmy Jernigan - He looks very fast, and very strong. During drills the D-lineman were in a friendly competition to hit the machines first. Jernigan beat anybody he lined up with. His speed and power both on display, while he teased anybody after winning.

Play of the day - Brandon Williams front somersault on the tackling ground pad. The big man has more energy than any other Raven. He’s grinning and goofing off, yet when he gets into a stance obliterates the competition.