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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 8/8

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After camp today it was quite easy to find multiple winners and losers of today’s practice. If only that didn’t include the injury bug rearing its ugly head.

Bad day at practice:

Maxx Williams & Daniel Brown: Both left with injuries today. Daniel Brown took a hard shot to the chin from Sam Brown, and did not return. Williams had to leave from the field on a non-contact injury.

Ryan Mallett - Not good as he hasn’t done very well in the past few practices. I have overthrows and underthrows on my paper all over. He also tossed the easy pick to Matt Judon after the big man dropped back into coverage.


Benjamin Watson - A bad start for Benjamin as his first he tipped his first ball in the air, landing into Lardarius Webb’s hands. Webb immediately bolted towards the endzone. After the lapse, Watson caught every pass thrown his way, including multiple intermediate routes for good gains.

Justin Forsett - Great runs today, and absolutely fluid in his cuts. Very seldom was Forsett caught before gaining 3-4 yards. When that did happen, it was the O-line being completely swallowed up. Forsett’s vision is undeniable, and he looks very quick. While Terrance West has been pressuring the top spot daily, Forsett did his best to cool off those talks.

Jeremy Butler - With Chris Matthews out, Butler received the extra ‘big man’ reps, and scored multiple times. During 7’s he caught a beautiful fade TD. Later on, he beat Jimmy Smith in an extended time pass situation, completing a first down on the sideline. A second TD was scored on the near sideline, after Kyle Arrington was beat to the outside. Arrington was flagged for holding, Butler made the catch regardless for extra salt in the wound.

Play of the day easily lands to Mike Wallace. During 11’s Joe Flacco rain-dropped a gorgeous pass over two defenders, placing the ball in Mike Wallace’s gloves. The route was pristine, clearing up just enough space to give Flacco a window.