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Kyle P Barber speaks with Baltimore Ravens own Brandon Williams

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Finally, I was able to speak 1 on 1 with a Baltimore Raven. My first NFL interview, and I chose none other than the most imposing player on the team, Brandon Williams.

Walking up to Williams I asked, "Hey Brandon, can I have a few moments for some questions?"

"NO," Brandon yelled back.

Not the best start. Fortunately, I saw him do that to the reporter before myself, and he was smiling and gave the interview. Still didn’t calm me down hearing a 6’ 1", 340 lb man yelling at me. He is imposing, and I told him that.

KB: "First and foremost, second day over at M&T Bank Stadium, is it awesome to be out in front of the fans?"

BW: "Oh yeah, feel great, feel awesome. Fans are awesome, love their energy. Just love them — see them come out and support us. Grass feels great, definitely love that. Everything is just good, everything is just great. Kind of get a feel for the stadium, a feel for the grass before we come out here on Thursday and play a game."

I could lie here, and tell you I was very intrigued with the grass, but I spaced the questions in my head, and left my notebook upstairs. Therefore I asked more about the new field.

KB: "And you do notice a difference between the grass and what it was last year, the turf?"

BW: "Yeah my knees definitely feel a difference! (laughing)

KB: "Really?"

BW: "Yeah, oh yeah definitely. It’s a lot softer. It’s less harder on the knees. We practice on the grass also. I mean it’s kinda — you literally take what you do on the practice field to the game now."

KB: "Do you think later on through this you’ll notice be able to notice a difference, that your knees won’t be as sore?"

BW: "I think so. I think so. You’re not impacting that much on a hard turf, on a hard surface. I mean, there’s definitely going to be some downfalls with the grass, the rainy games, the snowy games and things like that. But I hear they have little heating coils, so it will be nice for that. But definitely, the grass will help."

During the second half of this answer Carl Davis stood of to the side of me. What I mean is, he stood over me while I tried to fumble words out of my mouth. The best part, I finally got back to the question I wanted. It was about Carl Davis.

KB: "Oh hey, perfect! I was going to ask how Carl Davis has been progressing?"

BW: "Oh Carl Davis is a turd! He’s horrible!"

Williams was grinning and laughing. Davis grinning and shaking his head while walking to his locker.

KB: "Oh you know that’s going right to the front page!"

BW: "No, I’m just kidding! Carl Davis is doing great. He’s shown much improvement every practice and he’s getting better every drill. That’s all we ask for — every day get one percent better and Carl’s definitely doing that, everybody is doing that. We’re capitalizing on that and then we’ll be out on Thursday."

I didn’t have a question ready in my head, and instead of wasting Williams time I thought it best to thank him and be on his way.