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Ravens fans should temper expectations for defense

San Diego Chargers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With training camp now being in full flight, here comes the annual training camp hype. At this point, everyone believes in the phrase “10-6 and wild card at worst”. But the fact of the matter remains that Baltimore Ravens fans have been down this road before. Since 2013, the defense has always been talked about as if the coming year was the year the unit entered elite status.

This year's training camp is no different. Ravens fans are again being swept up in the wave.

The reality is that the Ravens defense is composed with what largely should be considered unknowns. Yes, there are things to be excited about. Leslie Frazier seems to have the secondary heading on the right track, as the play of rookie cornerback Tavon Young could be a testament to his teaching skills.

Newly acquired Pro Bowl safety Eric Weddle has been the face of the Ravens way in terms of what being a Raven is all about. Linebackers in Za'Darius Smith and Kamalei Correa have been very active early on.

Outside of Weddle - who is coming off a down year - none of the aforementioned players have produced at consistent levels, if produced at all. The Ravens are relying on young players to break out and injured or older players to find their form. None of these situations should inspire confidence.

And yet year after year, the wave of irrational optimism sweeps us all. We've seen this movie before. It would be wiser to await results before assuming the best case scenario will transpire.