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Brandon McManus calls out Justin Tucker’s field goal claim

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago Justin Tucker nailed a 69.5 yard field goal. Not a typo, not hyperbole. Later on he was asked what is the longest attempt he would believe he could make.

To those unable to watch or see the media, Tucker would, in prime conditions, attempt an 84.5 yard field goal.

Absolutely appalling, but I somehow think he would be close. Others would disagree, such as Brandon McManus, kicker for the Denver Broncos.

"I will give him an all-expense paid trip if he can do it," Brandon McManus said, according to "I’ll pay for his flight, his hotel, if he wants to come out here and do it. I’ll kick with him, I’ll witness it and I’ll vouch to the world that he can do it.

Brandon notes he watched Tucker make field goals from the mid-70s during pre-game warmups last year, but was kicking the ball where the D-line would hardly need jump from the ground to block the kick.

No doubt this is a shot at Tucker, but Justin didn’t say he could make it. He said he would attempt the 84.5 yard kick. He said it’s the furthest kick he’d attempt with the chance to score. That’s over 20 yards greater than the NFL record, it’s not something Tucker claimed he’d easily bury the kick.