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Trent Richardson cut was strictly injury-related; still on team's "radar"

The Ravens waived the once highly-touted back simply because he couldn't get on the field.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When the Ravens brought on running back Trent Richardson, not much was expected of the former top prospect who had become somewhat of a laughingstock across the league. But, fresh off the unemployment line and with plenty of motivation under his belt, some had hope that the talented back would show those flashes of brilliance once again that he had displayed early on his career.

The latter camp would be disappointed though, as Richardson came and went without a peep. Just a few weeks after he had joined the team, he was released and replaced by receiver Chuck Jacobs. But the thing was, we never really even got to see the man play. Spending essentially his entire Ravens' career on the PUP list, Coach John Harbaugh made it clear that the release of Richardson was merely from an injury standpoint, and not a talent one.

"We couldn't wait any longer," said Harbaugh to reporters at training camp. Coach Harbaugh also remarked that Richardson was still "on the radar".

Considering the talent the Ravens possess at the running back position, I would've been surprised to see Trent stick around with or without injury. But it seems as if Harbaugh trusts and likes Richardson, and is leaving the door open for his return. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see Richardson back for a midseason practice squad stint if injuries take a toll on the depth chart.