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Madden predicts Ravens vs. Jets, week 7

New York Jets v Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are 5-1 heading into its second consecutive contest at MetLife Stadium. This week, the Ravens face the New York Jets, who send out quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to get the game going after a touchback kickoff.

Both teams trade several stalled drives until near the end of the first quarter when the Jets get something going. Jets wide receiver Eric Decker catches two passes for over 60 yards to get the Jets into the Ravens territory. The Jets then turn to runningback Matt Forte who takes it into the end zone for a two-yard score.

BAL- 0, NYJ- 7

After a few nice runs by Ravens runningback Buck Allen, the Ravens offense stalls out after quarterback Joe Flacco takes a third down sack. The Jets again turn to the running game to get the team down into the Ravens red zone.

Fitzpatrick then hits tight end Jace Amaro for a four yard score, and the Jets add onto its lead to start out the second quarter.

BAL- 0, NYJ- 14

Both teams trade stalled out drives, before the Ravens finally decide to answer. Several runs by runningback Justin Forsett and a 25-yard completion to wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. gets the Ravens deep into Jets territory. From there, Flacco goes to wide receiver Mike Wallace for a nine yard touchdown to cut into the Jets lead.

BAL- 7, NYJ- 14

With a little over two minutes to go in the first half, the Jets are in good position to do some damage heading into the locker room. The Jets use the intermediate passing game to do so, hitting Decker and wide receiver Brandon Marshall to get all the way down to the 10-yard line of the Ravens.

From there, Fitzpatrick hits Forte for a touchdown with just 27 seconds left on the clock in the first half.

BAL- 7, NYJ- 21

The Ravens get the ball to start the second half, and Ravens wide receiver Kamar Aiken gets the the offense going right away with a 20-yard completion. Forsett adds another 35 yards on a screen pass, getting the Ravens into scoring range. The Ravens offense is ultimately shut down at the Jets two-yard line, where Ravens kicker Justin Tucker knocks in a 19-yard field goal.

BAL- 10, NYJ- 21

The Jets get its next drive goes with some nice runs by Forte and Fitzpatrick, but after taking a big hit, Fitz has to leave the game. Jets backup quarterback Geno Smith comes in to complete a 24-yard pass to Marshall that gets the Jets onto the Ravens side of the field. The Jets offense stalls out and the Jets send kicker Nick Folk onto the field for the field goal attempt, which is no good from 48 yards out.

On the next drive, Wallace gets the Ravens going with a 23-yard catch and following that, the Ravens turn to Forsett for several runs. The Ravens offense is eventually stopped short and send out Tucker for a 44-yard field goal attempt. Tucker nails it with ease and the Ravens again cut into the Jets lead.

BAL- 13, NYJ- 21

Fitzpatrick is now back into the game, but his presence isn't enough to get the Jets going. The Jets punt it back to the Ravens, and the Ravens get the ball at its own three-yard line.

The bad field position is too much for the Ravens, and the team stalls out and punts it right back to New York heading into the fourth quarter.

The Jets continue to ride Forte, and several nice runs by him get the Jets offense into field goal range. The Jets send out Folk who hits this one from 31 yards.

BAL- 13, NYJ- 24

The Ravens again go to Wallace for 23 yards to get near midfield. From there, the Ravens aren't able to continue and from fourth and two, the Ravens offense has a decision to make.

The Ravens line up to punt it away. . . and a fake is attempted. The rush by fullback Kyle Juszcyk is blown up for a loss of two yards, and the Jets take over with great field position with just under six minutes to play.

The Jets are able to take advantage by rolling into field goal territory with Forte again. Folk hits a 49-yard field goal with 5:11 left to play in this one.

BAL- 13, NYJ- 27

The Ravens get the ball back with a chance to make it a one score game, but after Flacco is sacked for a significant loss, the Ravens have to punt it away. The Jets put this one away by driving down to the Ravens six-yard line, where Fitzpatrick hits Decker for a touchdown with under two minutes to go.

The Ravens can't even manage any garbage time points and this one is over.

FINAL: BAL- 13, NYJ- 34

Following a semi-successful road trip to the Meadowlands, the Ravens are now 5-2 on the season.

Notable Ravens stats:

Flacco had a pedestrian outing, completing 51 percent of his passes for 195 yards and one touchdown.

Justin Forsett had 17 carries for 73 yards, while Mike Wallace had 61 yards through the air and the Ravens only touchdown.

Inside linebacker C.J. Mosley led the team with 12 tackles, while outside linebacker Terrell Suggs split a sack with pass rush artist safety Anthony Levine Sr.