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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 8/3

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints

This Wednesday’s practice quickly provided playmakers deserving of the Winners & Losers!

Bad Day Players:

  • Shareece Wright - This is a hypocritical statement, but bear with me. Shareece didn’t have a bad practice. He did however get pushed off by Mike Wallace in the redzone which did not get called. As a result Wallace catches a back corner touchdown, with the crowd roaring in approval. Wright played it well, but a swallowed whistle gave put him on Wallace’s highlight reel.
  • Arthur Brown - With Albert McClellan, Zachary Orr and Kamalei Correa catching interceptions in the past few practices Arthur is struggling to prove he’s worth a roster spot. It also doesn’t help Albert is a special teams ace, meaning his value to the Ravens is much higher. Brown is slipping down the depth chart quick in my book.

Winners of practice today:

  • Mike Wallace - The chemistry between QB Joe Flacco and WR Mike Wallace is sprouting quickly. The duo have connected multiple times, and it’s hard to not quell the excitement for the upcoming season. He’s playing with a true passion. After scoring in the red zone drill, he flung the ball at the fence, fiery and screaming at bystanders in excitement. Felt like Steve Smith Sr.’s spirit was inside Wallace, pissed off for greatness.
  • Joe Flacco - Hard to not keep talking about the quarterback. Joe is completing passes smoothly, and the redzone drills were highly efficient. Joe landed 3 TD’s in 4 passes. He’s in season form. Expect him to break 4,000 yards this year.