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New design change on the field at M&T Bank Stadium sparks fan petition

A logo change on the new field is ruffling some fans' feathers.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

For over a decade, fans at the Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium have been treated to one of the best gameday experiences in all of football. Part of that was the iconic shield logo at midfield. The one-of-a-kind secondary logo that incorporated the beloved state flag of Maryland has stood guard at the 50 yard-line for just about every Baltimore home game since the team's inception.

Some would even go so far as to say that the logo is a tradition and that its in your face nature is representative of the team's defensive style. But despite the logo's charm and uniqueness, team officials are planning to remove the iconic logo from the field for the upcoming season.

Via the official team site and other social media channels, team officials have stated that "The large Ravens shield logo at midfield will be replaced by the Ravens’ primary logo, the bird head."

With the grass replacing the turf that the Ravens have played on for many years now, it seems that the team wants a new look to go with the new playing surface. Rather than having the large shield at midfield, team brass have instead opted for the more recognized primary "bird head" logo.

The change isn't really sitting all that well with fans. A petition entitled "KEEP the midfield Shield logo at M&T Bank Stadium" has sprung up this week, and it's gaining steam. Just two days after being posted, 45 fans have signed on and stated their disapproval with the logo swap.

Says the petition, "We, the fans of the Baltimore Ravens, encourage them to reconsider this decision. The shield logo at midfield is iconic and should remain."

It remains to be seen if the petition will cause any change, but according to, it will be forwarded to the Ravens at the 100-signature mark.