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Baltimore Ravens players like the new grass at M&T Bank Stadium

After the Baltimore Ravens practiced on the new grass at M&T Bank Stadium on Monday, it is safe to say that quite a few players on the Ravens roster at least love the new grass.

Here is what Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk, runningback Terrance West and quarterback Joe Flacco had to say via

“It’s top of the line,” fullback Kyle Juszczyk noted. “It’s premium right now. I could go out and putt on this thing right now.”

“I love the field,” running back Terrance West noted. “It makes the cuts easier and I like it.”

“It’s August and it’s sunny and all that, but it was really nice,” quarterback Joe Flacco noted. “It was sweet. If we can keep it like that for the whole season, it’s going to be a nice track.”

After the season the Ravens had in 2015, it didn’t look like the team was getting the home field advantage that it has been used to getting over the last several years as the team finished with a 3-5 record at home. Not only was it the first time that the Ravens finished with a losing record at home since 1997, but the Ravens 3-5 record at home in 2015 is the worst in franchise history.

Now that isn’t to say that the Ravens will never struggle on the new grass, but the Ravens have done a good job of listening to what players on the roster want and if the new grass helps players on the Ravens roster perform better, then that is obviously good for the team.