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Fox Sports 1's Colin Cowherd believes the Ravens have the wrong Harbaugh

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd is no stranger to the world of sports and the sports media. Whether you like him and enjoy listening/watching his show or just flat out hate his guts, he's always got an opinion. Last week on his show "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" he described every NFL team in three words. For the full video, click here.

When he got to the AFC North and the Baltimore Ravens, Cowherd's  three words were rather interesting and maybe something to think about. His three words were "The wrong Harbaugh." He would go on to say that the Ravens are missing an "It" quality. Which is actually kind of true, but it got me to think, what does that have to do with John Harbaugh?

Does his version of the Ravens "It" quality mean if the team had Jim Harbaugh or a coach like Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick, or Mike McCarthy things would be different? Is John Harbaugh the right coach for this Baltimore Ravens team?

For me, the answer is yes. Yes, I can point to his success, but look at what he has done during times of adversity with players and look at how he handled his first losing season. He never gave up on his players and always showed faith in his team.

There were no reports of distress happening in the locker room, players going off on each other to the media or a player criticizing the coach. John kept the team together. The players love him, but I know everybody isn't a fan of John Harbaugh. Whether it has to do with his "doghouse", his personality, or his decisions when it comes to the coaching staff, fans have been very vocal about John Harbaugh.

Which leads me back to Cowherd's "The wrong Harbaugh" comment. I'll never forget when Jim Harbaugh first came into the NFL head coaching spotlight in 2011 with the San Francisco 49ers after spending four seasons coaching at Stanford University. Jim turned the 49ers around so quickly that by midway through the 2011 season, media pundits were already labeling him as a top five head coach and put him above his brother. It boggled my mind.

Don't get me wrong, Jim Harbaugh is a very good coach and he's done a good job at the University of Michigan for its football program, but John is the better coach. Jim left San Francisco because of his ego and a power struggle with general manager Trent Baalke. Hence why he is now the head coach at Michigan. Jim is also Rex Ryan but with actual head coaching ability.

John has an ego, we all do, but he also knows how this team operates and knows that the organization is better than what it showed in 2015. I don't think Jim could've handled the Ravens 2015 situation better than John did. Yes, Jim did turn around Stanford, the 49ers and now Michigan, but John also turned around the Ravens too. Many forget that this franchise was coming off a 5-11 season in 2007 and had a divided locker room when John took over and he turned it into a consistent contender.

John Harbaugh might not be fully appreciated as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens until the day his tenure comes to an end. In my opinion, the Ravens have the right Harbaugh and the right head coach to lead the team for the 2016 season.