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Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs shines in return

Suggs seamlessly slid back into his old role

NFL: Preseason-Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In the third preseason game, the Ravens saw one of their many questions answered in the form and fitness of Terrell Suggs. From a weight standpoint, this is the best Suggs has looked since 2011.

He looked engaged. His stack-and-shed of the Lions tight end on the first run of the game was a vintage Suggs play and a textbook example of run defense for every aspiring outside linebacker.

On the pass rushing front, Suggs looked quick off the line but besides his get off, the lack of pass-rushing opportunity robbed Ravens fans of seeing if he still had the ability to turn the corner and bend the edge.

However, in his only one quarter-long appearance Suggs reassured fans by showing that he was not coming back a shadow of his former self. He will bring the intesity as shown by his pre-game speech and it is clear that the fundamentals he has mastered were never going to disappear.

Suggs return will have the reverse effect his departure had. Offences will have to account for him, allowing Elvis Dumervil to isolate right tackles and in turn jolt the Ravens pass rush.

Suggs mission was not to come back and be a world beater. His performance against the Lions shows he might be on the track to defying expectations.