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Breshad Perriman to play on Saturday if medically cleared

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

You in fact did read the title correctly. The long awaited warrior Breshad Perriman is set to play on Saturday if he is medically cleared.

This does give me some suspicion. Breshad was cleared from the PUP list, meaning he can now practice. Why would he not be able to play? I’ve watched him run routes and make catches, what’s it going to be if he can’t do that in a game? If we’re worried he can’t take a hit then we are really in deep water as the NFL is full contact. I know there is a difference between bringing them back slow and forcing them into the role, but medically cleared for NFL practice should mean medically cleared to play a preseason contest.

Hopefully, as we’ve all so desperately wanted, Breshad Perriman will catch a pass on Saturday. In truth, if he hauls in a nine route deep ball from Joe and scores I think M&T Bank stadium may explode from the combined energy of the crowd errupting with joy.