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The “Wolfpack” talks to PSL owners

Baltimore Sun

“Wolfpack” members Justin Tucker (kicker), Sam Koch (punter) and Morgan Cox (long snapper) talked to the the Ravens PSL owners on a conference call Monday night. The topics ranged from memories of Super Bowl XLVII to Tucker’s claim that he can make an 84 yard field goal. (disclaimer, this was a conference call so it was sometimes hard to tell whose voice was whose).

When talking about his range, Tucker said, “I got some heat from other specialists...that it is possible to hit the ball from 84 yards because I have literally done it.” That does come with a caveat however, “In a perfect world,” Tucker said, “in Denver, with the wind behind your back, not with a Kenny Chesny concert the night before.”

Tucker recently claimed that he could make a field goal from 84.5 yards on NFL Network. Denver special teams, namely Britton Colquitt & Brandon McManus both disagreed with some backlash. McManus called him out, suggesting he would pay Justin to come out to Denver to kick the field goal together.

Tucker firmly believes that in perfect conditions he could do it. He only said it about five times during the call. If he thinks he can do it, I’ll believe him until he proves otherwise.

Some other interesting questions in the call included, “Who is the best emergency quarterback of the three of you?” The answer to that question was overwhelmingly Koch.

“What was going through your mind when you were punting out of your own end zone in the Super Bowl?”

Koch, “Hope the guys in front hold on...make sure I executed...”

Koch also talked about the new grass field, saying, “ feels more like football.”

Toward the end of the call, the group all gauged their maximum range, if they were in Denver.

Tucker, shockingly, replied “83-84 yards.”

Koch believes he can punt it, “65 yards.”

And Morgan Cox jokingly said that he could snap the ball 37 yards.

Tucker was asked about how he felt about longer extra points, to which he answered that he just has, “to lock in a few more plays each game.”

Morgan Cox had a funny take on this question saying that he, “still [has] to throw it eight yards.”

Throughout the call, PSL owners were asking questions about strategy and gameplan, and it was clear that the group had a hard time answering a few of the questions without giving away information about plays. But they were very exicited about the coming season. Tucker is ready to go against the, Buffalo Bills, we gotta start 1-0.”