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Ravens getting healthy at the right time

San Diego Chargers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

A conspiracy, an unkindness, or a constable. All things you call a group of ravens. The same goes for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens are coming back healthy and meshing at the right time. Both Terrell Suggs and Steve Smith Sr. came back to practice last week. Today Elvis Dumervil returned. Now, with three weeks until the first regular season matchup the Ravens have the opportunity to really build team chemistry and a formidable football roster. Last year we saw the wheels fall off early with the loss of both outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and left tackle Eugene Monroe week one. It’s very difficult to win games when two key ingredients for success are absent: protecting your quarterback and attacking their quarterback.

This season hopes to be something different. Rather than losing these players, the Ravens hope to continue building on the teams health until all 53 men can be suited up and ready every day. It’s been noticeable in practice with many players receiving days off due to light strains, or a basic injury. Rather than pushing players to battle through the knicks and cuts, the Ravens are sidelining everybody and rejuvenating them through rehabilitation. Something that could pay divedends come week 12-16. With a healthy squad last season pundits had Baltimore as a Super Bowl candidate, but 17 IR’d players later the Ravens fell to 5-11. Baltimore is back now, and ready to demonstrate just what they should have been last season, an unkindess of Ravens.

UPDATE: Today Breshad Perriman has been activated from the PUP list. This doesn’t go without a sacrifice to the football gods as Matt Elam needs his knee scoped.