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Highlight! Anthony Levine Sr. pick 2 and praises Tray Walker

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

On Saturday night the Indianapolis Colts mounted a comeback, scoring a fourth quarter touchdown with less than four minutes on the clock. With a one point lead the Colts decide going for two is the best option, a decision they would soon regret.

From the two yard line the Colts fail to pick up the conversion, but Anthony Levine Sr. was found offsides as he shuffled towards the edge for a blitz. Good thing he was given a second chance.

The Colts line up in a bunch right formation, and Levine diagnosed the play quickly. Jumping instantly with the pass directed towards the tight end Levine intercepts the ball and sprints 97 yards to the endzone. With this play Levine takes back the lead for Baltimore, 19-18. The full video can be found here.

Lost in the play was Anthony Levine’s celebration. Once crossing the goal line Levine signaled with his hands 2 - 5 - 2 - 5, then kneeling and bowing his head before pointing to the sky. Anthony was honoring former teammate Tray Walker.

To those that don’t know Tray Walker died from a motorcycle accident this offseason. A young man and a great person. Former Beatdown editor Chris Brown wrote a fantastic piece covering Tray Walker, please take the time to read if you have not.

After the game Anthony spoke about the play.

"I caught it and all I was thinking about was, ‘Try not to get caught so my teammates don’t clown me all week, and for the rest of the season," said Levine. "Every time I go out there I think about Tray. Every time I go out there and make a play, I’m doing it for the man above, Tray and my family."