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Ravens vs. Colts final: Losers

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Today’s contest between the Ravens and Colts produced both highlights and lowlights. Crazy right? A game filled with good and bad totally never happens... But there were a few Baltimore Ravens who didn’t play up to expectations.

Bad day:

Shareece Wright - Ugly. Multiple third down conversions were completed by simply throwing at the receiver being ‘covered’ by Wright. Hopefully this is due to vanilla coverage and the lack of starting pass rushers, but so far Shareece has not looked good.

Jerrod Johnson - After throwing an interception and multiple incompletions the Ravens took him out of the game and brought back in Josh Johnson. Not good at all. ESPN doesn’t even have his name on the site, they instead used Darius White and now have completely taken him off. Ouch.

Victor Ochi - The undrafted outside linebacker never received any snaps in the contest, and this could very well spell the end of his Baltimore Ravens career. Some are saying the Ravens are attempting to stash him on the practice squad, but it’s strange they don’t want him on the field at all.