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Dime package should make return against Colts

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Anthony Levine playing linebacker has been one of the most interesting wrinkles in the Ravens defense. His near interception against the Panthers saw him read the quarterback and simultaneously fall back under the route developing behind him with ease.

Levine has been turned into a specialist. In the first preseason game, he only saw second team reps. With most starters potentially playing up to a quarter Levine and the dimension he brings should figure amongst the first team. With his addition, the Ravens find an embarrassment of riches in the options they possess to combat spread formations in clear passing situation.

Levine would be likely to take Zach Orr's spot as the extra linebacker. Along with a fourth cornerback - likely Tavon Young - and C.J Mosley, the Ravens would have the personnel to immitate the dime package run by the Kansas City Chiefs, with Levine acting as a lesser Eric Berry and C.J Mosley perhaps being every bit as good as underated stud Derrick Johnson.

Andrew Luck is likely to appear in his first game in almost ten months. A strong showing by the first team defense will count for something. Turnovers will come with the inclusion of the dime package.