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Deep threats could be featured against colts

Expect Marc Trestman to dial up a few shots

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With Chris Moore now returning to the lineup, the Ravens wide receiving corp is as complete as it will be during the pre-season. Breshad Perriman could come back but at this point, he is more myth than man.

Marc Trestman is perhaps known more for his quick-strike, rub-heavy passing concepts. However, with this kind of personnel at his disposal and after seeing his deep-threat desolate offense struggle in the prior season, Trestman should figure to feature the deep passing game.

Mike Wallace should see playing time, perhaps even a full quarter. At thirty years old, some will pose the question of whether his speed is at the level it was with Pittsburgh. Even if Wallace is not blowing past defenders on nine routes, it will prove interesting to see the pace at which he is running. He will also have to prove he is willing to fight for the jump ball, if targeted when covered.

Trestman has shown in the last year's pre-season, that he is willing to feature deep crossing zone beating concepts, as Michael Campanaro caught a long touchdown against the Redskins.

It should not be a surprise to see those concepts being tested again. The options are the best they've ever been.