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Terrell Suggs sounds off on Roger Goodell

NFL: Preseason-Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Suggs just made an impact on the Ravens by making a return to the field, and Thursday morning, he made an impact off of it.

Suggs went on Mike & Mike to talk about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and as we have become accustomed to, T Sizzle did not hold back.

“We don’t have one,” Suggs said of the players relationship with Roger Goodell and the rest of the League Office, “From our perspective he has his favorites, he’s got the guys that he likes to talk to and hang out with...a lot of us ain’t under center making 20 millions dollars a year.”

Suggs went on to talk about how the League should be “a family” and that it doesn’t feel like one right now.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was quick to critique Suggs. Smith said that players like Suggs need to put on their “big boy pants” and that Suggs (as well as Damien Woody who Smith mentioned) have to realize that “of course Goodell has his favorites.”

Smith also shut down Suggs’ proposal of the players working together create change, mentioning that nothing can really be done until the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and that the players just have to deal with that.

When I first heard Smith hammering Suggs, I was quick to jump to Suggs’ defense. However, the more I thought about it, Smith actually is correct here. While Suggs brings up a valid point in Goodell playing favorites, which he undoubtedly does, there is nothing Suggs can do. The world will always favor the ones bringing in the cash, which is not Terrell Suggs, it is players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers. I’m on Suggs side in terms of Goodell being a horrible commissioner, but when life gives you lemons, you chuck them at Tom Brady’s face, you make lemonade.