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Kenneth Dixon willing to help in any facet of the game

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Though it is Steve Smith Sr. day, rookie runningback Kenneth Dixon spoke to the media. I was able to fit in a question concerning his efforts on the kick return.

“Yes. I will do kick return. I will do anything that is going to help us put this team in position to win,” Dixon said. “It is my first time doing kick return since high school, but I’m very excited to do it. [Special teams coordinator/associate head] coach Jerry [Rosburg] is coaching me up very well to do it. I’m happy to get out here.”

A quick follow up asked if he was on special teams at all in college.

“No. Not at all.”

Kenneth was asked about the importance of playing special teams in the NFL.

“All the rookies have to be on special teams. It is exciting to get out there and help the team win.”

It was a pleasure to see the rookie at the podium. As I posted on Twitter earlier, every single question was met with a soft voice, and a real respect. ‘Yes sir’ was a common response to questions, and his demeanor clearly shows all he wants to do is push this team to victory.