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Steve Smith Sr. returns to practice!

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Anticipation grew with Ravens jogging out on to the field. Players trotting out wearing shorts and jerseys with no pads, and an assortment of hats instead of helmets. The chance of seeing Steve Smith Sr. suddenly became a realization, and that’s exactly what happened.

After a double ruptured Achilles, the 13 year NFL vet and 37 year old NFL wide receiver has returned to the field.

Smith Sr. has been already catching passes and running routes this morning. A one-handed catch practicing fade routes in the back corner of the endzone followed by cheers from the growing crowd only helped to solidify the reality, the Ravens best pass-catcher in years has returned.

Rumor has it the Ravens are switching a player out at the podium to make way for Smitty. No doubt his presser will be the video of the day.