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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 8/17

Terrell Suggs
Sizzle's return
Kyle P Barber

What a practice, and what a day! A lot of good news for Ravens fans today, my goodness. Head coach John Harbaugh liked practice today, and felt they were very productive. Most coaches will always say that, but with Terrell Suggs back at it no doubt it was genuine today.

Bad day at practice:

Jimmy Smith - Darren Waller and Mike Wallace both gave Smith fits today. During 1v1 drills on the 10 yard line Jimmy was scored on twice by Waller. Darren went over the top and caught a TD pass, and then did the same again on the next series. Later on in practice during 11’s Joe Flacco escaped the pocket extending the play. Jimmy was step-for-step with Mike Wallace until improvisation by the receiver created a comeback route. Smith didn’t notice and Eric Weddle was yelling for the corner to turn around. It was too late as Wallace already had the first down grab. After practice I watched Smith put in extra work, once again with the tennis ball drill.

Maurice Canady - The rookie was against the 1’s at points of practice, and Mike Wallace made sure to give him a workload. Wallace made back-to-back catches to start scrimmage, then later Canady dropped a deflection. Maurice did finish strong though, defending Keenan Reynolds he swatted a pass, and the final play of 11’s he jumped the route and batted the ball.


Terrell Suggs - Nobody had a better day that Sizzle. The big man made plays, from rushing the passer, getting to the point of attack as a run-stopper, then making a leaping INT against Joe Flacco. The entire day was filled with Terrell Suggs jawing off against his own teammates. At one point the linebacker sprinted onto the DB’s tennis ball drill. He didn’t realize just how far the ball was, letting loose a few explatives before adjusting and making the catch. Energy levels are clearly even higher with #55 back on the gridiron.

Steve Smith Sr. - He passed his physical today, and will be taken off the PUP list! Oh happy day for us all. Click here for more info!

D-Line - With Marshal Yanda enjoying a vet day, and John Urschel out with a contusion the Ravens O-line was using a lot of depth. Timmy Jernigan and Brandon Williams didn’t seem to mind, on multiple occasions clogging up all lanes halting almost every run. At no point did any tailback break loose for a big gain.

Mike Wallace - Multiple catches today against Jimmy Smith and Maurice Canady as earlier mentioned result in Wallace’s name here. No splash plays, but he did create consistent offense for the Ravens. His first drop in practice was today, just after yesterday Joe Flacco mentioned he hasn’t seen him drop one yet. . . of course.

POTD: Terrell Suggs’ interception was outstanding, and it’s a great highlight, but Keenan Reynolds play today was even better. Reynolds blew past Lardarius Webb and Shareece Wright, catching a fifty yard touchdown. A roaring crowd quickly followed.