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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 8/16

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Today was a very situational practice as Harbaugh put it in his presser. Not a great amount of scrimmage, but rather specific drills to encourage technical proficiency. The Ravens did still participate in 11’s to help produce winners and losers.

Bad practice:

D-line - During goal line drills the offense generated multiple gaps and holes for ballcarriers to finish off the run. It may be from not wanting to shoot low, or not wanting to cause injury, but multiple rushing touchdowns occurred during the drill.

Alex Lewis - I’m chalking this up as Juan Castillo really mixing and matching to find the best depth possible, but Lewis was not on the field for the first team offense. Both John Urschel and Rick Wagner were out today, yet the rookie tackle stuck to the sideline. Vladimir DuCasse and De’Ondre Wesley filled in respectively. Like I said, it could be him being demoted after recently receiving the promotion, or simply Juan Castillo testing everybody with the first team offense.

Jimmy Smith - Another great practice today, but lady luck didn’t allow him to be satisfied. Mike Wallace took off on a nine route down the field. Jimmy played step-for-step and when the ball came down Smith swatted the ball. Only problem, it bounced slightly upward and Mike Wallace demonstrated awareness, plucking the ball and scoring. Smith wasn’t happy at all, after making his way to the sideline he tossed his helmet to the turf in frustration.


Matt Elam - Today Elam produced another stellar practice. As the offense started adjusting pre-snap Matt Elam started to belt out an audible of his own. He moved two players into position and as Ryan Mallett took the snap. Elam hardly moved, knowing the pass was going directly to the spot he already positioned himself in. Mallett fired a throw and Elam reached up, hauling in the INT. Weddle and Webb both shouted in celebration and the defense was fired up.

Will Davis - During the early stages of practice Davis gave up a few big gains, but came back strong during red zone defense. Two passes came his way and he deflected both of them. A third in his direction resulted in an interception. The secondary really flexed their muscles today.

Kamalei Correa - It’s tough to recognize what’s occurring on the line, but Correa was a force early in 11’s. Correa forced his way through a double team producing a tackle for loss, then followed up with a QB pressure. It would be a QB hit had the team allowed for quarterbacks to be tackled. Correa also played in coverage, tackling a receiver as they caught the ball forcing an incompletion.