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Joe Flacco: “Knee not 100%, but it feels great”

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco took to the podium this afternoon, and questions arose concerning the franchise quarterback’s knee post-surgery.

The first question asked about whether or not Joe has been close to pulling himself from practice, or lowering his reps during camp.

“No, (laughing) I knew it would be really tough to do and it is really tough to do,” Joe said. “They’ve got me off my feet a couple of walkthroughs in the afternoon which is really—the walkthroughs have me standing here for large amounts of time. That’s really what ends up being worse on my knee than going out and practicing for two and a half hours.”

Flacco finished the question stating, “But my knee feels great so I can’t complain.”

A follow up from asked whether Joe feels soreness after practices.

“Yeah listen, I feel my knee,” Joe said while laughing. “My knee is not 100% but I mean it feels great. I don’t think about it when I’m out there. It’s not perfect, but I can feel it standing here right now, a little bit. It’s not totally normal but, as far as going out there and operating on the field and running around and doing things I don’t pay attention to it.”

Though this sounds worrisome it’s something you shouldn’t read into. Joe Flacco has not lost reps due to soreness or complications. Joe looks fluid and precise in his motions. Eric Weddle mentioned in his first week of training camp that if you didn’t know Joe had surgery you wouldn’t be able to recognize it. His play has not declined in camp, and his ability to deliver passes ranging all across the field is not limited.