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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 8/15

Non-padded practice still producing highlights

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today proved to be a hot one, as practice hit temperatures around 90 degrees. No matter, as the Ravens played without pads, rather to work on technique and positioning. The Ravens didn’t hold back on practicing hard either, ensuring progress was made.

Bad day at practice:

Ryan Mallett - An off day, as Mallett looked good against the Panthers on Thursday, and really progressed from the start of camp. A few overthrows and underthrows. The defense really played hard today, and gave both quarterback fits.

Matt Judon - Did not stick out as he did against Carolina. He’s raised expectations for himself, and I won’t be giving him as many benefits. I really like the guy, and watching him grow will be a blessing. He was penalized on their fourth quarter defense, and got an earful from Joe Cullen. Judon claimed the RT was twitching, but Cullen didn’t want any of it, telling him to watch the ball.

Today’s winners:

Jimmy Smith - No doubt the best player on the field today. He may have allowed one catch today. I have three passes swatted, and only one catch. Jimmy gave the wide receivers problems, and bullied any throw coming his way. Great to watch him step it up in camp, especially with the worries the secondary gives everyone.

Matt Elam - The second team defense faced off against the second team offense, in a fourth quarter down by two drill. On fourth down the offense had to go for it, and Matt Elam denied the pass. Elam read the quarterback, switched direction from his zone to make a diving deflection. It was an outstanding play, resulting in celebration from all defenders. Elam may be turning a corner folks.

Brennen Beyer - Multiple pressures by the linebacker result in his name on the winners ranking. Beyer has been fighting for a roster spot since day one, and absolutely pushed his name further into a depth spot with a sack and two pressures.

Benjamin Watson - The defensive coverage today was great, but that didn’t keep Watson from receiving multiple targets, resulting in a few goal line TD’s. It’s becoming more clear why the Ravens targeted him in free agency.