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Ravens training camp: Live Thread & Schedule 8/15

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Today looks to be another hot one as the Baltimore Ravens fire up a new week of training camp. The humidity also isn’t helping, as it sits around 84% for the time being. But as any coach would say, "It builds character!"

Practice: 8:45

Podium: 11:15

  • ST Coach Jerry Rosburg
  • DC Dean pees
  • OC Marc Trestman

Instead of the head coach today, it’s another podium with all three facets of the game instead, which help to inform on their particular specialty.

I’ll do my best to inform you all of any news, hopefully positive postings from players returning to practice. I'll do so by tweeting from the @BMoreBeatdown Twitter account. If you don't have Twitter, I have the Twitter account live updating in this article, so stick around for any and all updates!