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Ravens run game shows versatility

Always a good sign

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-OTA Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

In the waining weeks of the season past, Marc Trestman caught flak for dialing up over 60 passing plays against the Steelers. The mark of a bad team is always shown by inflated passing attempts.

The Ravens thankfully start this season at 0-0. Trestman has a chance to establish his philosophy and if the first pre-season game is an indication of how it will be implemented, Ravens fans will feel positively about what has been shown.

The Ravens ran a mixture of power concepts, primarily with Javorius Allen. The Ravens used a mixture hat-on-hat blocking and inside and outside zone with Terrence West and Kenneth Dixon.

Trestman showed both strong and weak I formations with three tight end and singleback formations.

The versatility should help the Ravens mix it up. The predominately zone scheme ran in the last two seasons struggled in short yardage situation. A more direct approach through gap concepts could help.

Terrence West's two goal-line runs were also a good sign. Trestman showed a no-nonsense approach and pounded the ball straight ahead. West did the rest.

It should be noted however, that there were a number of short yardage passes. Trestman, when compared to Kubiak, is more likely to mix in the passing game in obvious run situations.

Fans saw a good mix within the run game, but also a good mix in the run-pass ratio. Marc Trestman is starting to find his groove.