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Ray Lewis recently speaks on double murder case

The linebacker spoke about one of the more controversial parts of his life.

Of all places you’d expect Ray Lewis to delve deep into the past, Cigar Aficionado was one of my last guesses. But great responses to good questions help to once again bring up the past and also fizzle the embers from angry torches.

Marvin R. Shanken of Cigar Aficionado sat down with the Ravens legendary defender and produced a fantastic interview.

Ray answered on being accused of double murder.

"Every moment in life is intentional. What I had to go through individually, as a person, not only prepared me for a journey that I couldn’t predict, but it prepared me to go through one of the most controversial seasons in my life."

Rather than sit back and mope, Lewis took the tribulations in stride, and saw to the end with the difficulties at hand.

Ray also answered more questions over the entire process.

"Cowards exist at every level. ... People don’t understand how cruel the world really is," Ray said on being charded with murder despite evidence to the contrary.

The lead detective in Atlanta, Ken Allen, was interviewed by Cigar Aficionado before, and was asked if Lewis should have been charged with homicide.

"I don’t think Ray Lewis murdered anybody,"

One question that struck me was on forgiving Paul Howard, the DA who tried to destroy Ray’s life.

"I forgive him. Because my duty as a child of God is to forgive and keep moving. I pray for them. When I saw what was happening and when I saw what happened, I gave up trying to be liked. And with those guys, their names are in my Bibles, that hopefully God blesses them."

Ray is far past the days of Atlanta, and the days of football. No longer suiting up for the Baltimore Ravens.

Lewis did answer an easy question, and no matter it still puts a grin on all Ravens fans faces.

On if he regrets playing an entire career with the Baltimore Ravens:

"Not one. I would never put on another jersey. Never."