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Ravens vs. Panthers: Terrance West Highlights

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Last night Terrance West proceeded to demonstrate why he’s received praise from every media outlet. On the national stage T-West roared for two touchdowns on nine carries.

The first one was for all the money, 4th & 1 against the Carolina front line. West found the spring box and launched himself over the pile, not going to be denied.

The second TD showed why the Ravens took a chance on the man, and believed he could produce. The Ravens play was a rush to the left side but the hole blows up fast; West makes a snap decision breaking to the right side. Contain sucked in just enough that West sped past and dove across the plane, adding another TD to the checklist. That’s not a move Terrance makes last season, he’s cut weight, and trained his butt off. That was the difference between last seasons Terrance and this years.

A few more runs by West are being hidden behind the touchdowns.

On 3rd & 2 T-West makes a dirty jump cut, finds the hole, and lowers the boom to gain an extra yard or two past the first down marker.

A 2nd & 10 the big fella sheds a weak arm tackler and continues to keep the gas pedal down, accelerating until collision. Hard to calm the excitement when he does something great every play.

The NFL has already submit the highlights from yesterday’s contest.

Terrence West Highlights