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Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers: Live Thread!

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens

Hey football fans, this will be the official live thread to comment and create conversation! Join in down below and let’s have some fun today, it is preseason after all.

If you don’t know where to watch, or how to listen to the game I have a full article outlining every possible way for you that I could find. I spoke with the manager from Cat Scratch Reader and we exchanged questions about one anothers squad. A quick read between commercials for you!

Get ready to watch some back-up football! Nonetheless, there will be Ravens on the gridiron and that’s what is important at this point. I have the @BmoreBeatdown account attached to this article giving you updates in case viewing the match-up isn't possible. I'll try to tweet out plays during the match-up.

Also, I will be doing a halftime show on Facebook Live. Please join me for questions and comments over the first half.