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Fantasy Football with Baltimore Beatdown, you in?

Baltimore Beatdown

Once again we’re with Yahoo! Fantasy Football this year.

I just finished creating a Baltimore Beatdown league you can access right here. The draft is in a few weeks (August 31, 3:00 pm PT/6:00 pm ET)

This league no doubt is going to fill up fast, if you’re too late you can create your own league and post it in the comments section for other fans to join!

I’m pretty excited for this league, as it will be filled with a few Baltimore Beatdown members, and the fans of the site. I don’t play too much Fantasy Football, but this is a great opportunity for some fun.

If you miss out on this league, remember you can make another and build one for other Beatdown fans to join. You can create a new league here if the one above is full.

UPDATE: League has already filled. Feel free to start your own with the link above, and comment so others can join. I've already received multiple requests so I know others will want to play.