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Players on the bubble: LB Arthur Brown

Rookie LB Arthur Brown (5/22/13)

While the Ravens front office know at least 40-45 players guaranteed a spot, that leaves the other 45-50 fighting tooth & nail for a job. One of those players is Arthur Brown.

Drafted in the second round, linebacker Arthur Brown was hopefully the replacement for the retiring legend Ray Lewis. Fans didn’t expect him to be the next great player, but they at least hoped for consistent play from a second round prospect. They’re hopes have been squandered so far. In three seasons Brown has produced a stat line of 11 tackles and a half sack. Not what you want out of such a highly touted player.

Arthur has been surpassed on the depth chart by C.J. Mosley, Zachary Orr and Kamalei Correa at inside linebacker. Add in Albert McClellan to being above Arthur because McClellan’s special teams skills are amongst the highest on the team, and you realize Arthur has a real chance to not make the roster.

Since Arthur Brown’s draft in 2013, the Ravens have spent a first round pick on C.J. Mosley and a second round pick for Kamalei Correa. Urgency is vital for Arthur Brown to produce, as the Ravens have all but moved on. The upcoming preseason games will prove to be make-or-break for Brown.

Opinion: He will be cut from the 70 man roster to the final 53. His play could maybe land a spot on a weak squad elsewhere, but for a linebacker to not succeed with the Ravens after a second round pick being used is highly unusual.